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A dream is a wish your BRAAAAAIIIIIIINNNN makes:

I had a zombie dream last night. It wasn’t so much a horror story, as one might expect, but more of a drama/mystery story. There were all these soap-operaesque subplots, with interpersonal stories tangling into one another before being one by one cut loose as the people involved become zombies.

On the surface it was a bit like that show, "Harper’s Island," at least that was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up. The characters were being killed off steadily and no one noticed for quite a stretch. There were even somewhat logical explanations for their absences or a sub-story where another character had a perfectly reasonable explanation for making one up and no one was the wiser that people were turning into zombies for quite some time. It also had a similar feel to the show, I guess, stylistically: The tone, the slow reveal, and then there was this mysterious subplot. The mystery in "Harper’s Island" was: Who is the Serial Killer and What is His Motive.

The mystery in my dream was an interesting subplot where a group, possibly a college fraternity, was playing a "game" but the rules and consequences had not been revealed. It was probably a red herring device, to trick the viewer into believing these boys were responsible for the zombie plague and it probably would have become one of the soap-opera subplots later, but it hadn’t fully come to fruition when I woke up.

The story was for the most part in the third person omniscient, which actually isn’t uncommon in my dreams; I would see it as a viewer in a virtual reality booth for a while and then randomly be sucked into acting out a plot as one of the characters for a while. None of the characters seemed to be people I knew, just stand-in, nondescript, B-movie actors. There was quite a cast, though obviously dwindling.

The set was familiar, however: A perfect, working replica of my neighborhood: all the terrain within 4 blocks on four sides of my apartment, and then my actual apartment there at the end, when the character I was embodying realized there were zombies and finally got thefuck indoors.

It was convoluted, graphic, a bit sexually explicit, and definitely would have had an NC17 rating in the theatre...but all in all...I would have watched it again.
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