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Do you ever get the feeling that ever since you were old enough to make decisions you have been totally fucking it up and making the wrong ones? That if there was some sort of contest to see who could make the worst life choices you would go home with the big prize? Or maybe you are like me, and you don't make choices at all. Maybe, like Sylvia Plath, you can't decide which fig you want and so all your options rot at your feet, and you feel trapped by indecision. Or maybe no options sound good. Maybe you have always been spinning your tires, because you never saw anything that sounded appealing, and you feel like you are studying the value menu at some restaurant with no health code so that suddenly you aren't even hungry anymore.

Maybe it's all the over-thinking... I was never any good at being happy for the sake of being happy. I guess what I am trying to say is... *sigh*
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