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"Curse" words

I had a dream last night that my siblings and I were fighting Voldemort. That is, in the dream logic sense of the world, what I dreamed. We were us but we weren’t us and Larissa was very small, like six, and Voldemort had kidnapped her and we were tracking him down to this fortress he was holed up in. Mom drove. It was Voldemort we were fighting, we all understood it to be him, he had a wand and he was wearing robes but he was being played by Sylar from Heroes (who is an equally menacing kidnapper, really.) The part which stuck with me, that made me laugh when I woke up and remembered it, was one particular spell I threw at our enemy. I flourished my wand and yelled “Fuck You.” The Dark Lord, Played by Zachary Quinto, flew backward, reeling from the force of what was apparently a few dozen tiny invisible penises. Very effective. I wonder why that spell was left out of the original text?
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